Photo and video are perhaps the most important investments for your wedding day. As the flowers wilt, the last bite of food is savored, and the echoes of departing laughter fade into the night, only one thing remains to immortalize the essence of your the most important day of your life.

Make sure you trust your videographer, so that when you revisit your wedding video in 50 years, every frame instantly brings back all the feels of those cherished moments.

Preserve your story; don't let memories fade!


Party wedding on the beach? epic elopement on a cliff? Either way, we'll make your story come to life, and most importantly, it won't be boring!

Your Story is unique.


  • 3 days of coverage
  • Up to 10 hours on wedding day
  • 7+ minute highlight film
  • Drone footage included
  • Vows will be recorded and may be included in the highlight film
  • Speeches will be recorded and may be included in the highlight film



  • Up to 10 hours of coverage
  • 5+ minute highlight film
  • Drone footage included
  • Vows will be recorded and may be included in the highlight film
  • Speeches will be recorded and may be included in the highlight film



  • Up to 6 hours of coverage
  • 3+ minute highlight film
  • Drone footage included
  • Vows will be recorded and may be included in the highlight film


Prices start at $5,000




Super  8  Film

Craving that nostalgic touch for your film? There's no better way to achieve that than Super 8 film! We'll still capture your wedding with our high end cameras, but this will bring an extra dash of creativity and will give your wedding film a unique, standout vibe.

We also offer vintage film for photos as well!

Not every word from the ceremony or speeches makes it into the highlight film. This awesome add-on that gives you a separate video of the entire ceremony and speeches. Perfect for those moments you might've missed or just want to relive in full. A lot of our couples add this after receiving their film because they had already forgotten a majority of the wedding day!

Also, we don't offer raw footage, but think of these edits as the 90% of stuff that didn't quite make it into the highlight film.

Ceremony & Speeches edits

We LOVE teaser films! Delivered 2 weeks after the wedding day, it's a great way to build hype for you, your family and friends before the final film is delivered! Perfect for social media :)

While we work our magic on the highlight film, the teaser film is a great thing to hold on to and watch over and over again, building the suspense until the main show steals the spotlight!!

Teaser Film

Picture this as a prelude to your wedding day – a separate shoot on a different day that's all about capturing the essence of your unique love story. It's all about YOU; a chance to showcase what defines you as a couple.

Whether it's an intimate stroll through a scenic landscape, a wild vespa ride through the city, or a windswept day at the beach, the canvas is yours to paint. This is your opportunity to let your personalities shine, to showcase the quirks, laughter, and love that make your relationship extraordinary.

A great way to showcase your story


Want your day captured by a phone to go along with your cinematic video? This add-on makes it perfect to get all the moments ready to share on social media.

Kylee has a phone mount on her camera, and she'll keep the phone recording while she also captures the high-end looking stuff.

We'll send all the video files within 24 hours of the wedding day so that you'll instantly be ready to relive all the memories of the day. And if you're feeling extra, share those viral-worthy clips with the world!

Content Creator

As our lives become increasingly hectic, and the complexity of editing takes so much time, we limit our commitment to 10 weddings per year. This approach ensures that we can channel our undivided energy into creating memorable experiences for the couples who entrust us with their special day. These spots can fill up fast, so reach out today to get on our calendar!

How many bookings per year do you take?


We do not! Could you imagine a professional chef presenting uncooked chicken, or a musician releasing an incomplete song? Similarly, we don't believe that raw footage truly showcase our work. Plus you wouldn't want a bunch of blurry, unusable shots anyway! We try to put most of what we capture into the highlight—and the things we don't include would most likely be in the ceremony and speeches edits add-on!

Do you offer raw footage?


We're all about capturing the genuine, emotional moments that reflect the unique essence of who you both truly are together. While each of our films has its own distinctive feel, they all share our unique style—faster paced, high energy, and all the emotions, ensuring that your wedding day's vibe is beautifully preserved. Whether it's a party on the beach, or an epic elopement on a cliff, your film will not be boring!

How would you describe your style?


We travel anywhere around the world! We just charge for airfare for 2, and a hotel stay and rental car for the duration of the trip. We always arrive 1-2 days prior to our first shoot to ensure our on-time arrival. We also take the time to explore your destination, to truly capture the essence of wherever you are getting married!

What are the travel fees?


We choose all the music for our videos to ensure proper licensing. Song choice is integral to the film's natural flow and emotional resonance. We will ask for your favorite songs and artists to get an idea of your style preferences. We'll also ask what kind of vibe you want when it comes to music. Rest assured, the songs we select will be a perfect match for you!

How do you choose the song for the video?


While our turnaround time may fluctuate during the year based on our workload, you can count on your film to be completed within 4-6 months. Since we value quality so much over quantity, rushing through the editing process is the last thing you want, as we believe each aspect of your special day deserves the careful attention it truly deserves. Turnaround time for photos is around 6-8 weeks! 

What is your turnaround time?


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